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At Revelation Academy, we pride ourselves on working with businesses to provide impact. Our unique approach to education, training and workforce solutions has allowed us to effectively work collaboratively with employers to identify and nurture talent, provide outstanding education and training packages, and ensure we provide added value to businesses by developing and enhancing their culture and workforce for longevity and success.  

360 Rev Cycle

We understand that each and every business is unique. Our bespoke 360 Rev Cycle can help you to make clear, informed and evidence-based business decisions regarding your recruitment, staffing and training.

Our Employer Engagement Team have supported a range of Levy and SME business with tailored talent identification, training and workforce solutions, and in doing so, have successfully supported our clients to achieve;

Increased Productivity
Improved Employee Wellbeing
Improved Employer Profitability

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Levy Solutions

Revelation Academy offer a bespoke Levy Management Solution, allowing you to do what you do best, run your business. Here’s how we help; 

  1. Revelation Academy provide a FREE 360 Rev Cycle to understand your business in detail, and identify how people, recruitment, training and workforce development play a part of improving your business operations and financial performance. 
  2. We create a bespoke proposal for your consideration – Revelation Academy’s impartial report will ensure a recommendation is based specifically on the needs of your business requirements and objectives. Where this includes additional services, we use our extensive network to ensure all you receive an excellent service. 
  3. We manage the full Levy and Digital Account Service on your behalf 
  4. We regularly review your requirements and ensure you are 100% satisfied

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Complimentary FREE Recruitment Services

We pride ourselves on working closely with our clients to offer an outstanding level of service. We therefore understand the challenges and constraints for employers in finding, interviewing and hiring quality staff, that is why we offer a completely FREE Recruitment Service as part of our client satisfaction guarantee. 

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Traineeships are a great way build your business with pioneering, creative and driven new recruits that bring fresh energy to your organisation. We strive to provide quality support for your recruitment efforts to help you to develop the knowledge, skills and behaviours of your employees to advance your business.

Employers can receive a £1,000 government grant per Trainee, up to a maximum of 10!

Workforce Short-Programmes

Revelation Academy’s training is tailored specifically to your organisations needs and objectives. Our flexible approach allows you the opportunity for whole workforce training, departmental CPD, or recruitment of specific job roles and vacancies.

Government incentives are available for employers that take on learners through certain training programmes.

Our Clients

Our sister company, Mindflex, delivers additional programmes, specialising in Digital, IT and Technology. If your business is within these sectors, or you require training in these specific areas, you can find out more here.

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