Revelation Academy


Revelation Academy are an East Midlands based education, training and workforce solutions specialist. Working across professional services and a wide array of sectors, we have supported businesses and learners with a unique approach to all things people and education. 

At Revelation Academy, we understand that as an employee, your education, careers and progression opportunities matter, whilst for Employers, we know first-hand the importance of recruiting, training and developing staff in achieving successful business operations and growth. 

Luke Whiting, Chief Executive

Our Values

Our Vision

The Alpha and Omega of Education, Training and Workforce Solutions.

Our Mission

Supporting employers to achieve their overall business objectives, whilst equipping individuals with the skills, qualities and character to thrive personally and professionally.

Our Organisation

We fully embrace that Revelation Academy’s employees are our single most valuable asset. We strive to provide our staff with the autonomy, competence and relatedness to thrive in their roles.

Revelation Academy, as a dedicated team, have committed themselves to a lifelong passion of supporting businesses and learners to grow through the vehicle of education and training. Our outstanding programmes, combined with vast industry experience, allow us to tailor our solutions specifically to the requirements of each employer and learner.

Our Culture


Everyone has the right to free speech, to be heard and listened to, both personally and professionally.


Our thoughts, words and actions are governed by a profound sense of morality and integrity.


People are encouraged and supported in striving for greatness, whilst remaining humble and appreciative.

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